Burwood Korea House

Humans are creatures of habit who like to return to places which are familiar for comfort and assurance. Dining falls into this category and especially so when seeking something quick and reliable. Céci has always been in this category for Dr King and Kiki, with its value-for-money serving sizes, until they noticed the food starting to taste different and the noticeable absence of the expertly coiffed and well made-up lady owner.

When I told them that Céci had upped and left its original location leaving its name behind to be reincarnated as Burwood Korea House, they were relieved to find out that there was somewhere to reclaim the familiarity. Soon Monsieur Poisson and I find ourselves accompanying them there for a meal where the picture-heavy menu echoes that of Céci as well.

A small handwritten sign on the window mentions that they are behind the original Céci and, stepping inside, we are greeted by similar décor as well as the reassuring sight of the owner lady. Side dishes are brought to us soon after ordering and before we know it our table is crowded with food.

The ‘Seafood Pancake’ with fillings a-plenty and crunchy ‘Japchae’ with its slippery glass noodles act as appetisers as well as non-chilli relief from the ‘Pork and sausage hotpot’ below.

The hotpot is loaded up with strips of thinly-sliced pork belly, tinned luncheon meat, skinless frankfurts, a mixture of vegetables and a cake of instant noodles. Hotpots with noodles always get my attention as they provide a vessel for which to slurp up the tasty flavours of the soup in which they’re cooked.

Between the four of us there is leftover food to take home and change for each of us from $20. Now that’s a familiar situation I don’t mind revisiting!

Burwood Korea House
175 Burwood Rd, Burwood NSW
Tel: (02) 9715 5098

Opening Hours:  7 days..11am-11:30pm

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happy eating!


  1. LOVE leftovers and change from a $20 :)

  2. Oh how I love Jap Chae. Food looks great, especially the hotpot!

  3. looks good! just need to jump on a plane now to get there. enjoy your weekend. dayle

  4. Wow, that hotpot looks incredible. And change from $20? Amazing.

  5. Yum Great looking hot pot. Nom, Nom, Nom

  6. Hot pot, pancake, change from $20 and the fact that it is good, yum.

  7. Change from $20 and leftovers is not bad at all.. I find those korean noodle hot pots pack quite a punch in the chilli dept but still good regardless!

  8. i dont like how a lot of korean hot pots give you instant noodles. feels ive been cheated on lol but less that $20pp sounds good!

  9. I could go a hot pot right now. It's so cold!

  10. oh wow - love hot pot! always on the hunt for korean restaurants :)

  11. Seafood pancake is my absolute fave at Korean restaurants.
    And that hotpot is a lot like potluck - I've had one with Spam, baked beans and instant noodles (a lot like my pantry really...)

  12. Beautiful! On a cold & rainy day like today this is just what I need

  13. Burwood hey? Will have to make a mental note to visit whenever we don't want to go too far for food.

  14. I love those thin strips of pork belly meat in the stock. Goes amazingly well with their dipping sauce

  15. Food looks so lovely and delicious. :-)

  16. I heart Korean food especially BBQ and potato noodles. OH Hot Daymem I love it. I had it a few weeks in a row. Friends were so pissed but put up with it...such good peeps huh... LOL

  17. Eating my porridge reading this post and now so disappointed in my breakfast. What I'd give to swap my porridge for those hot pot noodles right now..

  18. Hey Fiona, I love my cheap and cheerful food!

    Hey susan, I like discovering the hidden bits, like rice cake noodles and tofu, in hotpots. Mmmm...

    Hey gbf, haha, that is a weak excuse for a holiday! =p

    Hey Lau, often Korean places are quite generous with the servings - and that's not counting the complimentary side dishes!

    Hey Mark, so good when it's cold and/or wet as well!

    Hey sara, so cheap and tasty!

    Hey Phuoc, I usually end up eating way to much rice just to "balance" the chilli from the soup!

    Hey sugarpuffi, but I love the instant noodles! Often their are slices of rice cake noodles as well =D

    Hey missklicious, hotpot! With chilli!

    Hey Gastronomous Anonymous, I always think of Korean hotpot when it's cold, and barbecued meats!

    Hey Tina, pajeon is nice to eat between mouthfuls of hot food. I've had a Korean hotpot with Spam, frankfurts and baked beans as well!

    Hey John, I'd like a hotpot right now actually...

    Hey Angie, yeah, not too far for you =)

    Hey chopinandmysaucepan, I was surprised that the strips of pork belly were more crunchy rather than rich and greasy.

    Hey nitrous chargers, so wonderfully warming.

    Hey Adrian, haha, happy eaters make for good friends =D

    Hey Forager, chilli noodles would be a serious kickstart to the morning!


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