Wagon Wheel Profiteroles

Somehow when making profiteroles once, I ended up with leftover choux puffs and not enough filling. Sure, it would’ve been easy enough to fill them with scoops of vanilla ice-cream and serve them blanketed with a glossy chocolate sauce but I decided to experiment with other things instead – namely strawberry jam and marshmallows.

Nothing special, just store-bought marshmallows and some really good Ricardoes strawberry jam Mistress had brought back from her travels. Sandwiched into choux puffs and heated in the oven until the innards become gooey, they reminded me of Wagon Wheel biscuits once they’d been doused liberally with chocolate sauce.

To make them taste more like Wagon Wheels I’d recommended using more jam than the teaspoon or so I did above. Otherwise it’s just a matter of splitting choux puffs and the same number of marshmallows in half, and layering them with together with jam squished in the middle. Wrap them up in foil before popping into a preheated 200°C oven for about 5 minutes before unwrapping and heating for a further 5 minutes for the outsides to crisp up. Serve with chocolate sauce.

And because I made these originally with Mistress in my company, I’d like to take this opportunity to also wish her a very happy birthday for today

happy cooking!


  1. That's so creative, but I have a huge weakness for ice cream profiteroles too :)

  2. What a grand idea, looks delicious,

  3. Great idea Rita! Those look so awesome probably more better then the wagon wheels themselves. Now the question is do you deliver ;)?

  4. Hehe delivery here too, please :P These look so yum!

  5. these look really yum- but truth be told I don't like actual Wagon Wheels at all! How are you feeling? Hope it's lots better. Sorry I have been absent for a while- starting a new job is hectic!

  6. Very cool. I love the Wagon Wheel. They used to have the coolest adds in the 90's

  7. How scrumptious! They would certainly be a perfect birthday treat ;-)

  8. I like Wagon Wheels but am not so fond of the biscuit part - this is the perfect solution. Perfect. Well done!

    Actually, the perfect solution would be one that involved me having some without having to make them. I reduce my assessment to almost perfect.

  9. Mmmm you're now making me crave for wagons wheels! I saw a chocolate one the other day; choc marshmallow with choc fudge. Don't think anything could bet the original... Top improvisation with the left over puffs..

  10. What a crazy idea! =D Whenever I've had leftover puffs I just eat them as they are, or spread with a bit of nutella hehe.

  11. Oh yum!! What a fantastic idea. Simple but perfectly wonderful!

  12. What a great, great idea. You know we love our 'mallows in this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is an idea I'll be bookmarking for future 'small chops'/desserts. X X X

  13. Delicious! I love wagon wheels! Could you resist mimicking that French garlic snail in that late 80's/early 90's commercial saying "eat the wagon wheel" whilst cooking this?

  14. ohh stuffing marshmallows in choux pastry! smart thinking! should try that one day.

  15. it looks so good.
    Though i haven't tried it before but will loved to try it once.

  16. Hey Dumpling Girl, thanks! The first profiteroles I ever had were ice-cream filled so I'm a little biased =p

    Hey muppy, quite easy to do too!

    Hey Julie, just something I happened to do coz I had marshmallows lying about - not made to order!

    Hey missklicious, haha, they were quite low effort to make coz I already had the puffs.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, a little like rocky road as well =)

    Hey Mark, I used to get sucked in by Wagon Wheel ads as a kid too!

    Hey Maria, definitely high on sugar content!

    Hey Conor, haha, that's like saying you like a Kit Kat but not the biscuit part!

    Hey Phuoc, I only like original Wagon Wheels, just like how I prefer plain Tim Tams.

    Hey Angie, Nutella profiteroles, mmmm...

    Hey sara, I'm all for (lazy) simple stuff!

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, you and your s'mores!

    Hey Forager, I don't remember that ad... =(

    Hey sugarpuffi, almost no skill required!

    Hey nitrous chargers, a bit different, yes.

    Hey Betty, even cuter if purposely made into tiny bites!


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