Big John’s Sans Souci

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve eaten at Big John’s, either dining in or getting takeaway, over the years. Having previously lived in the Shire, Big John’s at Sans Souci is an easy location to get to and offers big, value-for-money serves. Service can be a bit brusque when busy and the seating is cosy, but the food is tasty and always generous.

Funnily, however, I’ve never tried their pasta possibly because I get sidetracked by other things. Their Caesar Salad, at only $13.90 and large enough to feed 2 people as a main meal, has a creamy, garlicky and not-too-tangy dressing, hard-boiled egg segments and a smattering of bacon bits. Pizzas are generally thicker-based than I’d like but that’s so they can stand up to the all the toppings which make the pizzas a little difficult to eat without the aid of cutlery. A lighter option is their garlic pizza crust (not pictured) but be warned that this is not for the garlic-phobic. Or vampires.

Monsieur Poisson gave their American-style ribs a try on a recent visit. There are pork, lamb or half-half combination varieties and ribs are smothered in a smoky, tangy sauce on a bed of steak-cut chips for “relief”. The pork ribs are fall-apart tender and receive my mother’s stamp of approval. The sauce gets thicker and stickier on the surface of the ribs as they cool, but this makes for a wonderful caramel-y surface when they’re reheated.

And reheat you will, because you are bound to have a container or two of leftovers to take away with you.

Big John’s Sans Souci
502 Rocky Point Rd (between Sandringham St & Russell Ave), Sans Souci NSW
Tel: 9529 8094

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happy eating!


  1. I havent been to big johns for such a long time! but i do remember taking home leftover ribs! still good the next day after reheating...
    think there is a big johns in Bondi?

  2. This is such a popular place! Big meals too.

  3. Those ribs are huge, they look like they could give Hurricanes a run for their money.

  4. Can you believed I have never eaten there? :O! Those ribs look wonderful want some in my belly!

  5. Looks like an awesome choice for a comfort food injection! I'd like to take up your garlic pizza crust challenge -- it'd take a fair bit of garlic to scare me off!

  6. Okay, believe it or not, I have never been to Big Johns. Yeah, I know, you would of thought I would of by now. Think that now I know about the ribs will make an effort with the boys.

  7. It's funny how you don't blog about some of your fav eating haunts.

    I go to the same places for dinner pretty much every week, but have not blogged about them yet!

  8. oo the ribs sound good! Not sure about the pizza but still good for a good old fill me up style dinner. In actual fact, I'm cooking ribs tonight with an inch of pork on them- they look amazing! Wonder how they got their sauce to thicken...

  9. Gotta love places where there is NO shame in bringing home your leftovers :D

  10. This is just up the road for me and my man. Looking forward to trying those ribs! Love the posts showcasing food in South Sydney!

  11. omg i remember we used to drive 40mins to and back to eat at big johns. their servings are truely massive! oh do u know u get free dessert on tuesdays? :D

  12. Hey Gastronomous Anonymous, first time trying the ribs for me and, yes, the original Big Johns is at Bondi, I believe, though I've never been.

    Hey Joey, massive meals!

    Hey Dumpling Girl, loved the sticky sauce on the ribs!

    Hey Julie, it's been around for absolutely years! Give it a try when you get a chance.

    Hey Keely, I love my garlic and you are guaranteed a fix with their garlic pizza crust!

    Hey Sara, but you're so close! Loads of families eat here so I'm sure the boys will be happy.

    Hey Adrian, I know! Or the ones we think aren't "interesting" coz we eat at them all the time.

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, think it must be honey or maltose or something similar? Could really do with a fix of ribs tonight!

    Hey Ladybird, heheh, family and leftover friendly!

    Hey Bianca, I didn't know you lived down south! I was a Shire girl until a couple years ago.

    Hey sugarpuffi, I didn't know about free dessert Tuesdays! Then again, it's probably coz I've only eaten there on weekends.


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