Sushi Bar Rashai

A dinner date with Toyboy leads us to Sushi Bar Rashai which came recommended to us by Mistress who has frequented it over the years. Situated on a non-descript section of Parramatta Road more known for its nearby bridal wear stores, Sushi Bar Rashai looks like it’s been around for some years judging from the décor.

Although there’s nothing standout about their sushi, with the rice being a little dry and compacted when we visit, nor their beef tataki, and an order of ‘Kingfish Carpaccio’ from their specials menu is a little light on punch with its dressing, their chicken karaage is juicy and not at all oily. I was tempted to order the ‘Ninja balls’ (hello Ninja!), which is a deep-fried dish of some sort, purely for the novel name factor but we appeared to be over-ordering as it was.

The hot rice dishes are much more to our liking, with the ‘Katsu curry don’ being simultaneously crunchy and comforting with its crispy, panko crumb-coated chicken fillets swathed in a thick curry sauce on rice. The ‘Beef teriyaki don’ is redolent with sweet soy flavours and both rice dishes are generous in their serving size. A pleasant surprise is found in munching on the Japanese pickles on the side – being neither too tart nor too sweet and offer palate-cleansing relief.

Dessert time sees Monsieur Poisson ordering the ‘Tempura Banana’, partly because bananas are one of his favourite fruits and partly because bananas are currently still pricey that ordering something with it feels that tiny bit indulgent.

The bananas arrive encased in a smooth batter with nothing distinctly tempura about it. Toyboy and I, however, have gone with the distinct option of wasabi ice-cream – and two scoops of it each! In hindsight it would probably have been a better idea to order a scoop of wasabi ice-cream flanked by another flavour, but we were going the whole hog here. The ice-cream looks innocent enough when it arrives, with the scoops only having the palest pastel green about them, and the flavour is quite begin with until you hit what taste like little pockets of packet wasabi! It’s sweet and hot at the same time, but not like the combination of chocolate and chilli where the chilli offers an after note of warmth.

Neither of us finished each of our two scoops. We were well and truly defeated.


241-243 Parramatta Rd (near cnr Macquarie St), Annandale NSW
Tel: (02) 9560 3007

Opening Hours:  Mon  CLOSED
Tues-Sun  5:30pm-10:30pm (dinner only)

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happy eating!


  1. I've been here a few times, but not in years. I love motto on their door "we're slow, but we're good". They used to be really great - amazing beef tataki.

  2. Wasabi ice cream, never seen that before. You're definitely brave for trying that, I'd get worried that my eyes were going to well up.

  3. the crunchy katsu curry don is truly tempting !

  4. i always get reminders about them on my birthday because i've signed up to their e-newsletter :-)

  5. I have lived around the corner from there for 7 years and have been meaning to go but never got there, I think I might go round there for a thursday sneaky dinner.

  6. wassabi ice-cream? uhm... I would love to try though. For curiousity :)

  7. hehe the wasabi icecream sounds like balls of fun :) i always go past this place on parra rd and keep making a mental note to try it out but then i forget after i pass it -.-

  8. Oh wow wasabi ice cream. I wish you guys had ordered the ninja balls, fascinated now as to what they are.

  9. I live across the road but haven't been yet. Will have to go and take up the challenge!

  10. wasabi ice cream - you are a brave little food blogger aren't you!
    I've driven past numerous times and often take note of their bright eye-catching signage..i promise to try the ninja balls if ever I go.. balllzz

  11. Hey MissPiggy, I found their motto funny as well! I found the beef tataki a little thick and bland when I was there unfortunately.

    Hey Dumpling Girl, my curiosity got the better of me with the ice-cream =p

    Hey irene, I love a good katsu curry!

    Hey Simon, the husband signed up to their newletter as well, I think!

    Hey Michelle, haha, and for a nostalgic visit to the old hood!

    Hey Anh, exactly why I tried too! =p

    Hey Vivian, haven't seen wasabi ice-cream anywhere else so thought I'd give it a go!

    Hey sara, I think the ninja balls were chicken if I don't remember wrong?

    Hey Jen, haha, go the wasabi ice-cream challenge!

    Hey Gianna, so I really wanted to try the ninja balls but the karaage chicken won out =p


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