Thelma & Louise Café (again!)

It had been too long since the husband and I had been back to Thelma & Louise, that little café with the seaside town atmosphere in the alcoves of Sydney Harbour, also known to me as the home of the epically buttery Hollandaise. Mmmm, Hollandaise...

But a good Sunday brunch should first start with something to awaken the senses, and for us it is coffee. While the coffee does its trick, we have just missed the end of breakfast service by only a matter of minutes. Which means – gasp – no Hollandaise... and no eggs either! Instead, this serves as a good chance for us to sample their lunch menu which leads me to the ‘Salmon Crostini’.

The sourdough bread is suitably chewy and spread with cream cheese before being blanketed in smoked salmon. A scattering of capers completes the dish, along with the interesting use of flying fish roe. The size is on the small side for its $18 price tag, but sufficient enough to be filling. However I can’t help but wonder how it differs from the ‘Salmon Panini’ which is only $12.50 in comparison.

‘Foxes Wagyu Burger’ is served open in two halves with salad alongside. The ubiquitous burger and chips combination is represented here by a burger and discs of potato cooked to fluffy centres and crisp edges. The potato “chips” are packed with the flavour of dried chilli, rosemary and thyme, whilst pickle slices provide relief from the meatiness of the juicy but not oily patty.

And, as much as we’d like to end with one of the tempting sweets on display under the counter, we are once again too full to do so. Another time, Thelma and Louise, we shall be back.

Shop 1, 1 Hayes St (right down the end of the cul-de-sac), Neutral Bay NSW
Tel: (02) 9953 7794

Opening Hours:  7 days  7am-5pm

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happy eating!


  1. oh i can never go past cream cheese with smoked salmon! YUM!

  2. I have never heard of this cafe and it seems to be in a nice intimate location and the food looks pretty good especially the Wagyu burger!

  3. oh, this place is on my list. this year i will visit, i must.

  4. pretty flowers on my table always make me happy!

  5. Such a gorgeous setting. This place would be perfect on a sunny spring day (with a burger and chips, thanks!)

  6. I had no idea this place existed...a good hangout by the sounds of it for a lazy weekend brunch/lunch. Love the name of the cafe too...

  7. :O I hate it when you miss breakfast by a couple of minutes :( But if the lunch is as good as this, then I wouldn't mind! The chips sound so good...!! I want to try them! :D The burger sounds great too!

  8. No eggs!!! Haha! But it does look like a lovely sunny cafe! I like how you've included snaps of the pretty flowers alongside your brunch :-)

  9. Oh no! I'm always heartbroken when I miss breakfast service. I find it hard to switch to lunch when my mouth is all 'brekkiefied'.

  10. I am always hard to please when I am looking forward to a certain dish and then I can't have it, nothing seems to fit as a substitute.

    The burger and chips looks pretty good and I spy beetroot!

  11. OK, I totally feel like burger now. This spag bog is just not doing it for me...

  12. Hey Gastronomous Anonymous, same! Cream cheese and smoked salmon with pasta, on bagels, on blinis...

    Hey chopinandmysaucepan, the cafe's tucked away a little bit - I only discovered it this time last year because of Crave SIFF!

    Hey Laura, the doorway's a little narrow and I think there's a small step but give them a call to check.

    Hey sugarpuffi, there always seem to be vibrant flowers when I eat there =)

    Hey Bel, I agree, I need to make a point of returning during summer!

    Hey MissPiggy, I love the name too! It induces adventure, but only a food-focussed one for me =p

    Hey Von, at least lunch was a good "second option"! =p

    Hey Grace, where have you been?!? Nice flowers always help to cheer up your day.

    Hey Keely, same, I walked into the cafe entirely breakfast-focussed and all I could think of were eggs and Hollandaise!

    Hey Sara, lucky there was that burger because I was a woman with a mission for eggs Benedict that morning!

    Hey Rose, but spag bol provides plenty a meaty fix as well...

  13. Very much liking the discs of potato, hehe you could have a wagyu chip burger!

  14. Hey Vivian, they weren't quite chips yet they weren't quite roast potato slices... In any case, they were quite yum!


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