Sugar Hit 2011: Sheraton on the Park

This year Sheraton on the Park is offering their Sugar Hit – another mysterious no-namer – on Thursday through to Saturday evenings only, which serves to only make the popular venue choice busier than ever. This is especially apparent when we drop in on a Friday where plenty of people wander over from the Night Noodle Markets.

They are essentially booked out but kind staff manage to squeeze us in, with us promising we’ll be on our way at a designated time. Surprisingly we don’t feel rushed as the dessert appears very swiftly, revealing its identity as a dome of milk chocolate bavarois sitting on a macaroon-like base and enrobed in a chocolate glaze. Although there’s only a fine zigzag of raspberry coulis, it really does help to cut through the all the chocolaty-ness. Monsieur Poisson feels that Brown Brothers Cienna with its berry flavours would have made for a better wine pairing than the Orange Muscat & Flora we were served.

While you’re at the Sheraton checking out their Sugar Hit, don’t forget to take a look at this massive chocolate sculpture which completely reminded me of something from Kings of Pastry. It apparently took several chefs around 5 days to make and you can seriously smell chocolate aromas as you walk past. Plus, every part is edible...

161 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9286 6000

happy eating!


  1. I haven't done any Sugar Hits this year but this looks great! I love chocolate bavarois. :-)

  2. like joey, i have yet to do any sugar hits this year either, but wouldn't mind trying this one!!!

  3. Hmm I would like to do at least one sugar hit this year but I don't think I even have the time. I think you've had enough for the both of us ;) October is always so so busy. That choc sculpture is AMAZING, have you seen Top Chef Just Desserts season 2? OMG lots of edible centre pieces this season and all the chefs have such amazing skills too.

  4. I love the Brown Brothers Cienna, I had it for the first time when I went to sugar hit in Holiday Inn. It's like ribenna but alcoholic YUM!! Need to get several bottles I think....

  5. ooh shiny dome! so shiny. /strokes

  6. wow that chocolate sculpture is amazing! so much detail involved :O

  7. Mmmmmm the domes look great.. as does the sculpture!! do they disassemble it to eat at some point???

  8. wow that looks incredible, so shiny ;)

  9. I love the fact that the sculpture gives off a chocolate smell, yummy wafting smells.

  10. brown brothers anything is pretty easy to drink :)

  11. Look at that glistening chocolate! Right when I'm trying to diet :(

  12. We have been so busy this October that we have practically missed the entire SIFF and its events. *sad face* the chocolate dome looks magnificent!

  13. omg that choc sculpture is even more massive than the one i saw last year! im all sugared out this year..did 7. ive lost count on how many you did haha

  14. Hey Joey, it's probably the one time of year where I indulge in the most desserts!

    Hey gastronomous anonymous, still some time left to do a Sugar Hit!

    Hey Angie, the amount of patience and skill that go into those edible sculptures! But kind of wasted that they sit there, gathering dust, for decorative purposes only - wouldn't you love to just hoe into one?!

    Hey Phuoc, heheh, the Cienna pairs perfectly with chocolate!

    Hey chocolatesuze, oi, no stroking!

    Hey Vivian, now picture the amount of chocolate which had to go into that sculpture...

    Hey catty, don't know if the sculpture's coating in anything to help protect it, but suspect there's a little too much dust on it for anyone to want to eat it after it's been on display for a while!

    Hey muppy, so glossy!

    Hey Sara, I didn't realise it was made from chocolate until I detect the scent!

    Hey betty, husband has a sweet tooth so tends to like Brown Brothers dessert wines =p

    Hey Cassandra, it's glossy but not quite like a gel - wonder how it's made?

    Hey Martyna, I'm not sure you'd want any more sugar after all those sweet, conical creations you've been churning out!

    Hey sugarpuffi, as I said, I'm taking it easy this year!


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