El Loco, Mexicana Cantina Y Barra

A few consecutive days of searing heat and it appears that summer has finally settled in. This is the kind of weather where I don’t feel like cooking.

At all.

Cue: lazy snoozing on a deck chair/in a hammock in the shade by a private pool/beach and polite staff bringing you refreshing fruit-based drinks carried out on fancy silver trays. Perhaps a butler called Alfred (because, you know, they always seem to be called Aflred) to “fetch” you when dinner is ready...mmmm.

Okay, cue: reality and maybe taco time instead? With fresh flavours and bursts of fragrant herbs enveloped by the soft surrounds of a flour tortilla, I do like gathering friends around a table when the weather is warm for a DIY taco dinner. What’s even better is when you don’t need to make them yourself, and better still when the place serving up the tacos is El Loco.

A margarita in a (plastic, environmentally-friendly) salt-rimmed cup is refreshing with its sweet, tangy and salty notes. (It also fits my description of a fruit-based drink!) It is the perfect complement to the fish tacos (daily special) with the fish encased in crunchy batter as well as the al pastor pork tacos with its little cubes of charred and smoky pork. The pollo chicken taco is a notch less smoky but has the added bonus of sweet corn salsa. At $5 each, just don’t order too many tacos at once – lest they go soggy whilst waiting to be eaten, leading to unfortunate exploding tacos and taco juices running down fingers.

The ‘Excelsior Hotdog’ is less perishable and a whole different kind of deliciousness with a non-red-skinned frankfurt cradled in a soft hotdog bun, loaded with condiments, mayonnaise and the all-important blanket of feathery queso fresco cheese. Share it around, if you can, but you will want to scoff the whole thing yourself.

Round up some friends and go crazy for tacos! Nibble on corn chips with salsa and possibly some of the smoothest guacamole (unpictured) you may have ever had. Make sure you don’t mind getting messy in your friends’ company, because I don’t think there was a single bit of food I didn’t manage to drop on myself or the serviette I’d laid on the table in preparation for it.

64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW
Tel: (02) 9211 4945

Opening Hours:  Mon & Tues  12pm til late
                        Wed  12pm-1am
                        Thurs-Sat  12pm-3am
                        Sun  12pm-10pm

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happy eating!


  1. With tacos like these, who needs to cook? :D

  2. I loved the hot dogs here, especially all that flossy cheese. Lol, I didn't want to share ours.

  3. This place is amazing. Love the food and the atmosphere! That hot dog is too good. Had to snatch it out of the boy's hands so I could eat more..... haha

  4. Tacos are so much fun - makes for a fun dinner, esp with margaritas on the side! Must drag some mates here soon.

  5. hmhmmh i need a taco fix... really do like the tacos here, and the margaritas! yum!

  6. The hidden hero at El Loco is actually the "Illegal" brand of tequila. Particularly the reposado is delicious, hard to find in Sydney but these guys stock the whole range. yum yum!

  7. Tacos are totally summer food. I also dont feel much like cooking in the heat but lucky for me, my bf feels like BBQ'ing! so we have loads of BBQ instead lol :) not complaining!

  8. I absolutely adore Mexican food. Ultimate chill out food with a nice cold Mexican beer! Yum :)

  9. You are right only order a couple at a time (or one if chatting your head off), as they do go soggy when left, but a delicious soggy mess I must admit. Plus the service is super quick.

    BTW Mac still wanted to know where his dog was when I got home, *hangs head and sighs*

  10. I went back the other day to have just one taco and shared a hot dog. Mmmmm so good! Cheesy goodness! Love spending lazy sunny weekends this way

  11. How good is the guacamole? Tacos and tequila are the perfect thing in this hot, muggy weather!

  12. I'm not normally a fan of Mexican food but this food looks delicious and full of fun.

  13. this looks GREAT, love to try the fish tacos.

  14. I think I may be one of the few Sydney bloggers that hasn't tried this place. Must get there & see if the tacos match up to the ones I had in the States

  15. Ahh would love to be in a hammock by the pool right now! Hehe the table number stands are so cute! Still haven't been yet but $5 tacos are definitely calling my name ;)

  16. ahuh! That is one fine hotdog right there! And that cheese, my gosh...looks amazing. Cravin now!

  17. Have not tried this place yet! That hot dog looks mouth watering. Thanks for sharing!

  18. my brother recently moved out and he's a block away from el loco - must pay him a visit and come here and try the tacos!

  19. Hey Christy, and they're open til late too!

    Hey Fiona, there's a gluten-free option to have your taco served in a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla too.

    Hey Dumpling Girl, man, that hotdog is seriously beautiful!

    Hey Tina, gotta go one evening to experience the "atmosphere" for myself =D

    Hey Tina, magaritas are possibly one of the few times I get to enjoy tequila!

    Hey gastronomous anonymous, ditto! Looking forward to indulging in more as the weather gets warmer.

    Hey Anonymous, but I'm scare of tequila! =p

    Hey catty, yeah, gotta get that husband of mine to take up cooking!

    Hey Cass, there's different magaritas to try too!

    Hey Sara, haha, but it was so good to chat and catch up! But, *cough* what hotdog? *cough*

    Hey Phuoc, so refreshing! And cheesey =D

    Hey Jacq, I've never had smoother guacamole, honest!

    Hey Hotly Spiced, good for kids too, being finger food and all.

    Hey muppy, loved the fish taco, and I'm often disappointed when it comes to fish!

    Hey john, go go, I wanna see a comparison from someone who's tried the real deal!

    Hey sugarpuffi, AND magaritas =D

    Hey Vivian, the cactus table numbers were soooooo tall!

    Hey Adrian, the cheese and mayo make the dog, mmmm!

    Hey Anna, I cannot recommend the dog highly enough!

    Hey panda, heheh, incentive to visit the brother more often? =p

  20. Thanks for the recco to visit this place too Rita- I will definitely be swinging by.

  21. Hey Gastronomy Gal, no worries, hope you get a chance to try it out when you're here next!


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