Chinese New Year 2012

The imminent Chinese New Year is said to be an especially good one due to it being a leap year (on the lunar calendar that means there will be 13 months versus the usual 12), having 2 spring seasons (spring officially begins after the coming new year and also again prior to the start of the following year), PLUS it will be Year of the Dragon – a revered mythical figure of power and magic.

Dragon & lion dances in Hong Kong

Our family dinner – “tuen nin fahn” (團年飯) – to celebrate togetherness on the eve of Chinese New Year was once again held at Fook Yuen (馥苑). Chinese new year’s cake “nin go/nian gao” (年糕) has been bought and peanut cookies have been made. All that remains to be done is the dreaded last minute cleaning, for tasks such as sweeping are avoided in the first days of the new year for fear of ridding your household of good fortune.

From my recent trip to Hong Kong, I even acquired a “chuen hup” (全盒) – a Chinese candy box on the cheap to hold sweets for welcoming guests in the new year.

So from my family to yours, regardless of whether you celebrate the new year on the lunar calendar or not, may the one ahead be full of laughter to warm your hearts and good food to warm your bellies.

happy chinese new year & happy eating!


  1. It's great that you are able to continue the CNY traditions in Australia (I'm hopeless with them). My mum has a similar candy box and I've always wondered why it only comes out at new year (told you I was hopeless!). Lovely photos, too.

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I'm never great with traditions, it's only ever kept if I'm in China, but this year and last I've been in Australia so just a few dinners with family but not much more...
    We don't give red packets or eat NY's cake. Doesn't mean I don't like the festivity though :)

  3. That candy box is adorable. Happy Chinese New Year to you :)

  4. Oooh, love the images! Happy New Year!

  5. happy CNY - here's to good health, happiness and lots of eating :)

  6. I'm so jelous that I missed this! Looks like so much fun.

  7. Happy CNY! I love the celebration and superstition involved in CNY and I adore all the festivity and colour in the traditions and of course the food!

  8. Happy CNY :) Hahaha you're family does the same thing as mine ~ so traditional hehe hope you have a lovely day with your family!

  9. i ate half my peanut cookies stash -_-' but happy chinese new year mate! may the yeah of the dragon bring you and your family prosperity and good health!

  10. i would love to go to hong kong one day! jealous!

  11. Happy New Year! The peanut cookies sound delicious.

  12. Happy Chinese New Year! I hope the dragon delivers and brings you lots of fortune :)

  13. Happy CNY!!!! Gosh, yes, I ate heaps that night...although it was Filipino food LOL

  14. Gong xi fa chai! Great piccies of the lion dances, I haven't seen any this year cos I'm too slack to go out haha I should go see some before it's over!

  15. Happy Chinese New Year! We don't celebrate, but I love going into Chinatown to watch the parades, and it's a great excuse for Yum Cha! :)

  16. Love the candy box - gorgeous. Happy Lunar New Year - and hope Hong Kong was all that and more!

  17. Hahaa ur way more up to date than i am on the whole lunar calendar thing.. when mum told me there was gonna be 2 months this year i looked at her like sayyy whatt??? lol Wishing u a "Gong Hei Fat Choy"! May the Dragon bring u prosper and good health! :)

  18. Hey Bel, suffice to say that Mum did a very good job at drumming/scaring Chinese traditions and customs into me!

    Hey Jenny, happy New Year to you too! Mum would tell me off as a child each time I did something which wasn't in keeping with customs, so I guess I've been scarred for life haha =p

    Hey Tina, thanks, happy New Year to you too!

    Hey Tina, hope the New Year has been good to you so far as well =)

    Hey gastronomous anonymous, happy New Year! Can't wait to see that Dragon baby =D

    Hey Cass, well, officially, it is still the New Year festival...

    Hey Anna, happy New Year! It's the biggest event on the lunar calendar, and I love all the colour and food as well.

    Hey Daisy, haha yeah, there's no escaping a traditional Chinese family, is there? =p

    Hey chocolatesuze, teehee, I still has a few peanut cookies left!

    Hey Alexis, and Chinese New Year is a wonderful time to be there!

    Hey Hotly Spiced, it's the only time of year I make them!

    Hey Simon, thanks! Happy New Year to you too =)

    Hey Adrian, doesn't matter what food it is, as long as there is food and plenty of it!

    Hey catty, gong xi fa cai! The pics were part of a lions and dragons parade in Hong Kong just after Christmas actually =p

    Hey JasmyneTea, I guess it's like how I don't celebrate Christmas, but I love all the colour, food and hustle and bustle involved.

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, family, anywhere, is the absolute bestest!

    Hey Rhonda, gong hei fat choy! Haha, I owe knowing all these things to my mother =)

  19. Hope you had an awesome New Year. Your candy box is gorgeous.

  20. Hey Sara, I've been wanting to get a small candy box for years!


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