High tea at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant

It’s funny how you can pass through the same area for years and not actually notice the specifics of what is there. I have been along the section of road where Atlantis Seafood is located a countless number of times and yet have never known that a restaurant there even existed. As part of the Quest Serviced Apartments complex, underground parking is available for overnight guests as well as diners via a down ramp which isn’t signposted but buzz the intercom to reception and you will automatically be allowed entry.

The husband and I are here to try out their high tea through a Groupon deal – only $35 for two – which is normally priced at $29 per person ($36 for sparkling high tea, or $45 with a glass of champagne). We’re not usually subscribers to group-buying deals because the husband’s previous rotational work schedule made it difficult for us to forecast too far ahead our availability to comply with validity periods. Besides, often the deals offer only a restricted sampling of an establishment’s menu when we prefer to have the freedom to sample from a greater range.

The list of teas on offer are quite impressive, mostly organic and all Australian-made. I stick with my usual Earl Grey and the husband, as my guinea pig, tries the ‘Dark chocolate & Black tea’. It’s the enticing description of “cocoa kernels and natural chocolate flavour” which rope us in but I personally find both teas a little on the weak side and the chocolate one having more coconutty aromas than chocolate. The glass of Lanson champagne with its fruitiness is much more welcome.

Working in my usual fashion from savoury to sweet, the mini quiches have flaky pastry and quite a firm egg filling. The sandwiches are smoked salmon with capers and turkey with cranberry sauce and, while crust-less, are a little low on the filling ratio. The scones are toasty warm with a light crumb and served with a red berry preserve and jam, although we wouldn’t have minded just a smidgen more of each.

The petits fours selection has squares of cheesecake, chocolate cake and choc-dipped strawberries. The cheesecake base is sadly soggy but the passionfruit jelly overlay is delightfully tangy. The chocolate cake is spongy, which is welcome when I expected it to be the usual dense and sticky mudcake. Choc-dipped strawberries are a favourite of both of ours and the only thing we didn’t like about these was the addition of dessicated coconut.

An exceptional value deal for a high tea experience and we spotted many diners enjoying the same. If at its normal price, however, there are probably other places I’d choose over Atlantis Seafood due to reputation, location or otherwise. But to take advantage of this offer, keep an eye out for when it is available via:

Mademoiselle Délicieuse and Monsieur Poisson enjoyed this high tea deal at Atlantis Seafood courtesy of Groupon.

58-62 Dehli Rd, North Ryde NSW
Tel: (02) 8899 8980

High tea is available each day from 11am to 5pm.

happy eating!


  1. Definitely sounds like it was great value. I haven't ever been to high tea here. I don't know where I've been all this time..

  2. I love high tea. I keep meaning to go to them more reguarly but I just don't know where the time goes..

  3. So true! I was looking at a restaurant review for a restaurant near my uni and it wasn't until I reached the end of the post, where there was a photo of the street that I realised that I walk past it everyday and hadn't noticed there was a restaurant there! I've wanted to try the high tea deals on coupon sites- after reading this, I want to try it out even more! Love the sound of dark chocolate and black tea and the food looks great ;)

  4. I love high tea. Love the nibbling at little things and feeling all posh (even if it's just pretend) :) Groupon deals are good but I've suffered from buying deals that everyone else buys and then you can't even get in cos they are full! Frustrating...

  5. That's a different place to have high tea! It looks lovely :)

  6. I saw the groupon deal previously, was intrigued but decided against buying because it seemed abit off for a seafood restaurant to have high tea in the day. But the food however does look alright!

  7. I think I had to read Atlantis Seafood Restaurant and High Tea a few times, was just not computing in my brain. Nice way for them to diverse. I love my high teas.

  8. great value for high tea! what a great buy

  9. The teacup looks so elegant! Seems like a nice place :)


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