Butcherman - a different way to shop for meat

There was a Friday night where I went to bed relatively early and set my alarm in order to be up and ready by 9am the next morning. I hopped out of bed with anticipation and made sure I was decent and presentable – I had an important date between 9am and 1pm.

With a man.

With a Butcherman.

Well, okay... with a delivery person who would bring me meat. To... my... front... door!

Of course home delivery of goods is nothing new, and neither is online shopping. But Butcherman offers a unique service where restaurant quality meat is delivered to you at competitive prices during nominated timeslots – and just as well, because meat slowly going off at your doorway has its obvious downfalls. And yes, they even deliver on a Saturday morning so you don’t have to wait at home on a weekday like you do for tradespeople. Or furniture.

Orders over $100 receive free delivery, and orders less than that attract only a handling fee of $7. The meat arrives chilled and not frozen and, unlike supermarkets, you can select from game as well as poultry, meat, sausages and deli goods.

The delivery provided a bountiful meaty dinner for the husband and I of both Angus and Wagyu sirloin steaks and sausages. Admittedly I’d never tried Angus and Wagyu side by side, but the opportunity was too good to resist! The Angus proved to be more meaty in flavour but the Wagyu was superior in terms of tenderness and evenly-rippled fat.

The sausages were a delight, without the copious amounts of fat which ooze out during the cooking of some. Preparing kangaroo loin at home was also a first, but the risk of overcooking was less than anticipated. Large chunks were marinated in soy and wasabi paste and stir-fried to make a warm salad, while others went into a chilli kangaroo fried rice.

So the next time you’re looking for particular meats or perhaps a large amount for a special event, think about saving yourself a trip trawling the stores and have it delivered from this online butcher instead.

Mademoiselle Délicieuse received a complimentary delivery of meat for this post as courtesy of Butcherman and Men at Work Communications.

happy (m)eating!


  1. Nice! Good selection of cuts and meats, and I like how they offer delivery on weekends.

  2. Good work on the steak - check out those grill marks!


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