Sugar Hit 2013: The Cortile, InterContinental Hotel

With InterContinental being one of our staple Sugar Hit choices for as long we have been doing them, you can count on the husband and I sampling what they have on offer unless the described dessert is a bit too weird and wacky for our tastes.

So when, with the Sugar Hit advertised as “Gianduja chocolate lolly cake, almond joconde, banana marshmallow and hazelnut crunch”, we spotted a rather pink-looking dessert via Instagram the evening prior to our visit, we started to have our doubts. Would this be the year where we are disappointed? I mean, where does pink come into the equation of a choc-hazelnut dessert?

A cube of lolly cake is presented before us atop a smear of sweet pink, soft lolly-like purée on a slate tile. The layers of the cake are described to us by our friendly waiter, though I fail to catch what the top pink layer is. The pale yellow banana layer is a little firmer than expected but thankfully not overly banana-y for this non-banana lover. Flanked by berry-flavoured lollies, this Sugar Hit is quite sugary as forewarned by our waiter though its chosen pairing with Brown Brothers’ Orange Muscat & Flora for its “acidic notes” to help cut through the sweetness is lost on us.

The wine was unable to be swapped for a non-alcoholic drink for me, and wine consumers in our group felt the Orange Muscat & Flora was almost syrupy in mouthfeel. It has a strong perfume and added to the dessert’s overall sweetness, which tastes mostly of red berries rather than choc-hazelnut as we had anticipated. Naming it a “lolly cake” will probably also draw unrealistic comparisons with a similarly-named dessert from a reality cooking series earlier in the year.

And just in case you’re worried about how much sugar I’m consuming whilst in the final stages of pregnancy, rest assured that I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colours. No gestational diabetes – yay! – and plenty of room for at least another couple of Sugar Hits yet.

*InterContinental are apparently serving their Sugar Hit from 12 noon each day, so you can indulge in an afternoon sweet treat if you choose!*

The Cortile, InterContinental Hotel
117 Macquarie St (cnr Phillip St), Sydney
Tel: (02) 9240 1396

happy eating!


  1. It is a very 'girly' looking dessert. Very pretty. I am amazed (and quite angry) that they wouldn't substituted a non alcoholic drink for you, specially considering you are quite obviously preggers. Now by serving you up a glass of plonk, that actually is regarded as irresponsible service of alcohol. Seems they need to re-sit their RSA certs.

    1. In years past when the husband has asked at various places whether the wine could be subbed with coffee, most places do tend to decline as Sugar Hits are a set deal designed to promoted both a dessert and Brown Brothers dessert wine. I opted not to have the wine and just a glass of water and my "spare" glass of wine was offered to other members of our dining party - it was just that no one felt like a second!

  2. Love these abundance of sugar hit posts. Since I won't be going to them, I am living vicariously through you :) And shame they couldn't even sub your drink for something else.

    1. Haha if there's one food event that I consistently do every year, then this is it!


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