Sugar Hit 2013: Gallery Tea Lounge, Sheraton on the Park

The first thing you notice about Sheraton’s Sugar Hit is that it is a very generous serve. If it is allowed, then this is definitely a dessert to be shared.

Staff offer upfront for you to have the dessert paired with a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora, or a tea, coffee, softdrink or juice instead – and this is not just for the pregnant! I opt for a pot of Earl Grey which, with almost 3 cups’ worth of tea, lasts the distance with the “Guanaja chocolate millefeuille, hazelnut praline and chilled chocolate orange soup”.

The mille feuille has the texture of a soft biscuit interspersed with hazelnut praline, rather than chocolate puff pastry, but isn’t overly sweet. This layer is sandwiched between 2 quenelles each of light custard cream and dense chocolate mousse. A chocolate sauce is drizzled over the top and scattered with fine chocolate crumbs and candied orange peel pieces. There is an overall jaffa flavour but never fear if you’re a bit of a jaffa-phobe like me, as the peel can be easily pushed aside.

A cut strawberry sits alongside and the dessert is anointed with a thin pistachio biscotti, although neither are necessary to the main flavours. Uh, did I mention this dessert was on the large side?

*Sheraton is serving their Sugar Hit from 5:30pm each day until 10pm or so. Make sure you book to avoid missing out!*

161 Elizabeth St (near cnr Market St), Sydney
Tel: (02) 9286 6000

happy eating!


  1. Looks like a very generous portion! I love that there's been a bit of effort invested in plating too, and a little fresh fruit makes dessert feel much more virtuous!

    1. Lol Helen, think I'd need more than that bit of fruit to push this dessert into virtuous territory!

  2. That is a sexy dessert, and I like that I can get there earlier to enjoy it. What I like even more, beverage options, for those preggers or not :p

    1. Always nice when the dessert wine can be substituted - dietary/driving/religious reasons or otherwise.


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