Big Brekky (again!), 19 Dec 2009

I feel like I’ve come full circle as my first ever food post was about Big Brekky. Monsieur Poisson and I were most enamoured with this little café after our visit and he was rather jealous that I was, on this occasion, dining there again with Mistress and not him.

We find ourselves in the area as I have a wedding dress fitting nearby to get to following our brunch/lunch date. Perhaps not the wisest of scheduling moves but the bridal store only had afternoon appointments that day and it was getting awfully close to Christmas. Parking is once again easy to find and we are very fortunate to nab a table for two just as a couple of diners vacate. The café is otherwise full around midday and an orderly queue forms at the door soon after we’re seated.

It is a hot day and Mistress quenches her thirst with a rosy hued watermelon juice, while I find it hard to pass up the opportunity of enjoying a flat white made from Campos coffee.

Mistress orders the eggs ‘Atlantic’ which is the ‘Florentine’ I had on my previous visit but with the addition of smoked salmon. Creamy Hollandaise with poached eggs, lightly wilted spinach, smoked salmon on toasted sweet brioche is such a winning combination of complementary flavours and textures.

I go for the ‘Sweetcorn fritters with bacon, avocado, sour cream and tomato salsa’ which we did not get to try previously. It is a very generous serve and I was eating it forever whilst giving my jaw a good workout chewing all the different components. The sour cream and avocado offer creaminess to the sweet fritters and bacon, of course, the saltiness. The salsa is surprisingly fine and flavoursome, tasting more like a chunky dip to be served with crackers or similar rather than your usual juicy salsa.

Water is provided to the table without us needing to ask and we spend a good deal of time catching up on girly gossip. This café really does breakfast and brunch dishes well and I’m looking forward to eating there again soon.

316 Stanmore Rd (cnr Albert St), Petersham NSW
Tel: (02) 9569 8588

Opening Hours:  Mon-Sat  7am-3pm
                        Sun & Pub Hols  8am-3pm

happy eating!

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  1. Both dishes look really good! If I see corn fritters on the menu, I'm always tempted to order them. Yum!

  2. We've been going to big brekky on and off now for the past 3 yrs. The photos look so yummy ~~~ !!
    humm...i think its time to go back and have some Nim's eggs and pancakes.. :)

  3. ahh ! Love the look of the corn fritters..

  4. Both these dishes look great. I really like the look of the Atlantic eggs.

  5. the food looks yummy! and how exciting to have your first wedding dress fitting! :)

  6. I couldn't go here as I wouldn't be able to choose between these two dishes and I'd be trapped there forever. Unless of course I ordered both of them..?

  7. I also had the corn fritters when I went. It was very filling. Did you notice the log in the cafe that was growing moss?

  8. Hey missklicious, I love it when corn fritters have such a high proportion of corn like these ones!

    Hey Lis, I've only been going there for about 6 months but not often enough as it's not close to home!

    Hey Gastronomy Gal, the corn fritters here and the ones at Bills both rate highly on my list =D

    Hey Mark, the Hollandaise here is wonderful and I absolutely love it with salmon.

    Hey Panda, the food is great here and now that it's been a few months the dress is almost ready!

    Hey Conor, my advice is always to take someone who's willing to share food with you! =p

    Hey Renita, thank you for visiting =) I don't think I recall the mossy log, but is it up near the counter where the coffee machine is perhaps...?


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