Mumu Grill, 27 Dec 2009

With our group of friends mostly being overseas at Christmas we didn’t get a chance to have our usual gathering, so we rounded up the few people who were around for a casual dinner a couple of days after the event. And with Mumu Grill being within our vicinity, I suggested it as a place to try for their grass-fed beef.

A reservation was made through their online bookings system. My only worry was that they may not have been open in this Christmas-to-New-Year period and that some lonely computer had spat out an automated email response to my request. However we arrive to a warming, wood-panelled restaurant that is most definitely open for business.

There is a lot of trouble between Monsieur Poisson and myself in deciding what to eat. For some reason we are both feeling rather unhungry that evening which results in us ordering only one starter and one main meal between the two of us. However friends of ours do not share this issue and start with the ‘Fried baby squid’ which are lightly dusted with spices and, if I don’t remember wrong, a side of aioli.

Monsieur Poisson and I start with the ‘Zucchini flowers stuffed with herbed ricotta’ which are fried to a beautiful golden brown. Though not as large or encased in as light a batter as those at Café Sopra, there is a light and fluffy centre of herbed ricotta to be found within.

The following ‘Slow roast Bangalow pork shoulder’ is ordered by friends opposite us but I can’t remember whether I tasted it or not. However the crackling does look beautiful, no?

And so with Monsieur Poisson and I having smaller appetites than usual, we go with the combination option of ‘Steak and ribs with chips’. The ribs in question are beef ones and the bones are huge! They taste quite tangy and by the end of our meal we still can’t place the mysterious tang-imparting ingredient. The steak is my favourite cut of sirloin and the chips come in a bowl on the side. The chips are lightly salted but, oh, how I wish there was some mayonnaise to go with these.

Unfortunately due to us not being very hungry, we didn’t get to try as many dishes as we would have liked. I was eyeing the list of ‘Small Dishes’ on the menu rather fondly but that will have to wait to another time for us to do them justice.

70 Alexander St (cnr Ernest St), Crows Nest NSW
Tel: (02) 9460 6877

Opening Hours:  Mon & Tues  5:30pm-10:30pm
Wed-Sun  12pm-3pm (lunch)
    5:30pm-10:30pm (dinner)

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happy eating!


  1. yay mumu grill! this is where we come for family birthdays :)
    hmm now i'm curious as to what the tang factor is in the ribs.. we were given a 'variation' of the recipe in the beef and beer masterclass lol

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  3. I have to agree, chips and mayo are a great combination! And if they have the brown sugar pavlova next time you go, do try it if you have room. It's so good :)

  4. The zucchini flowers look so good!

    I always tend to eye off more of the menu than I can actually order, and I note dishes to order "next time" Hehe

  5. It's a shame you weren't hungry enough, but it's a good reason to go back (for research purposes, of course!) :) The food does look good, though.

  6. they make great desserts too. hopefully next time :-)

  7. Although you didn't eat much, what you did eat looks pretty good. I hate seeing a menu packed with good things and only being able to taste a very small portion of it.

  8. Mumu is hosting Duckfest sometime this month.. so definitely another reason to go back.. :)

  9. Yup - the crackling on the pork does look very crispy! I know what you mean about being too full to eat anything - it happens to me - but sometimes only - VERY infrequent!

  10. Hey Lily, heheh, I'd never been here before but we seem to have driven past it forever and ever!

    Hey Vincent, thanks for visiting and I'll have a look at your suggestion soon.

    Hey Lorraine, yay for chips and mayo! I'll have to try dessert here next time - we were pulled away by group concensus to go elsewhere following this meal.

    Hey missklicious, love stuffed zucchini flowers as I know I'll never make them at home! And don't you just hate having to choose from a menu? =p

    Hey Belle, heheh, always leave yourself a reason for a return visit =D

    Hey Simon, I'm hearing lots of good things about the desserts here...

    Hey Mark, it's great to have a healthy appetite but even better to dine in groups!

    Hey Lis, can't do Duckfest coz I've got other stuff on! Busy busy with wedding planning and trying to fit in the usual social life around it.

    Hey Trissa, I don't often not have an you can well see from previous posts!


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