Café Andronicus, 9 Dec 2009

Chatswood has a distinct lack of cafés. There are plenty of little coffee kiosks peppered along Victoria Avenue Mall and throughout the shopping centres but, apart from Café Andronicus, there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the area that stays open beyond standard business hours. It’s been around for years with a menu which has changed very little and is widely acknowledged for its sub-par service. Although I’ve never received rude service here, it has never been sparkling or even warm in my experience. But we keep coming back because the food is generally good and predictable.

Batman and I meet here for lunch one day as we know we won’t be hassled for sitting and chatting too long. I order a ‘Gourmet Burger’ as I have a major soft spot for warm meat sandwiched between bread with crispy fries on the side. This doesn’t disappoint with a narrow but tall, soft burger roll piled high with salad, a juicy mince patty, bacon and cheese. The fries are golden but underseasoned, however that is easily rectified.

Batman treats herself to the beef lasagne which looks and tastes seriously cheesy whilst being adorned with a generous shaving of further parmesan over the top. A healthy serve of salad can be found on the side dressed with a tangy vinaigrette.

It was more than a surprise to see Café Andronicus closed with all its floor-to-ceiling bifold windows obscured by newspapers not long into the new year. It reopened a couple of weeks later, seemingly without much change, but under the new name of Café New York. The furniture appears the same as does the menu, and I wonder whether the kitchen staff have changed at all. I had the ‘Gourmet Burger’ again recently and it was the same as depicted above. More worrying was when Monsieur Poisson ordered Eggs Benedict (at 2pm) and received a tasteless, runny, Dijon mustard tinted ‘sauce’ instead of the usual Hollandaise…

What style of eatery do you feel is missing from your area? And how far are you willing to travel in the name of good food?

Café Andronicus (now Café New York)
316 Victoria Ave (cnr Archer St), Chatswood NSW
Tel: (02) 9413 1494

Opening Hours:  7 days  9am til late

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happy eating!


  1. I've gotten food poisoning here once so I travel a bit up the road to the Westfield for more-okay. Have you been to Hokka Hokka? They do a prett-y good salmon and avocado sushi roll and the mayo is usually still warm it's so fresh.

  2. Ugh totally agree about the lack of cafes in Chatswood. Try Chantillys next to New Shanghai in the new Chatswood Chase food court! It's pretty decent

  3. Ah, I used to go to school around there, Cafe New York was its name back in the old days - say around the mid ninties (am I showing my age?). Twas a great after school haunt! You're right though, nothing spectacular. Try Houlihans on Anderson St (near the sushi train and Victoria av junction) for good coffee and food.

  4. Wow, Cafe New York is a pretty lame name. Not so lame as Dijon mustard tinted ‘sauce’ though.

  5. The sister of a friend of mine used to work at New York cafe when it was around (that's probably of no interest to anyone!). Shame that there are no decent cafes in Chatswood, though, considering how big it is. Balmain is the same. What I wouldn't give for a French bistro or American diner... :)

  6. Although there are heaps of cafes around I still find it really hard to find a good one. It has to be quiet, a little bit intimate, have decent coffee and most importantly of all have great food.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll

  7. last time i came here, i just remember having bugs flying about. food's ok, service isn't great but passable.
    as for how far i'd travel for good food, i would say that i would travel everywhere for it but then i'm usually restricted by my stomach - unfortunately it can't stay hungary for long!

  8. Hey tangerine eats, the problem arises when you want cafe food outside of Westfield hours then where to go then? As for Japanese, the husband and I like Sushi Train so you'll often find us there!

    Hey Steph, haven't tried Chantilly's yet but will do so soon upon your recommendation =)

    Hey JT, didn't realise the place has now in fact reverted back to its old name! Houlihans has been under renovations for the past few weeks so it'll be interesting to see whether they've changed hands.

    Hey Conor, it was indeed the strangest 'Hollandaise' I have ever seen - didn't look like it, smell like it, have the same texture as it or even taste like it!

    Hey Belle, now a good French bistro is something I am definitely willing to travel for!

    Hey Fiona, oh yes, that burger is good!

    Hey Mark, I want a place to relax with a book and coffee or a chat with friends. Cafes are more than just about the food. (You're most welcome!)

    Hey Panda, yeah, because of their open doorway there always seems to be flies everywhere! Haha, level of hunger would definitely have a direct influence on how far you'd be willing to go =p


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