Chatswood Melody Market

The Chatswood markets, like most markets, took a break over the Christmas and New Year period but did not reappear even by early February. I started to get worried when barriers sprung up sectioning off parts of Victoria Avenue Mall, as there have been notices up for a while regarding the mall’s revamp which involves the laying of grass amongst other things. Although it is nice for the local council to be redoing this high paedestrian traffic area which has uneven surfaces in some parts, my first concern was of course the future of the markets and the ability of my stomach to still access their foods! The weekly markets are not exclusively comprised of food stalls alone, but they do make up the bulk of the stall holders.

But as of a few weeks ago, the familiar market stands have reappeared but are now cramped down the eastern end of the mall instead of being spread across the length of it as in the past. I’ve previously mentioned my love of the Mojo Picon stall which seems to constantly have a sea of people around it but then there’s also the gozleme stand…

Oh, how I do love a good, fresh gozleme! The filling to crèpe-like crust ratio mustn’t be too high or low and the crust cannot be soggy nor rubbery. This stand at the markets always seems to get it right in my opinion but, alas, I do not know their name! Be prepared to wait though, as everything is made fresh and it is popular with the masses.

The other stall which keeps drawing me back is Jackie M with its Malaysian cuisine. Perhaps it is the lack of access to Malaysian food in Chatswood, or perhaps it is the rich aromas of garlic and soy which emanate from their little gas burner woks. However the most important thing is that the food is decent and affordable.

On an afternoon walking past before Christmas and in desperate need of a snack, I had the following interesting combination: roti with kaya (squishy, flaky, coconutty and buttery goodness for $5), chicken satay skewer (sweet and very nutty) and vegetable curry puff.

More recently for dinner, Monsieur Poisson and I bought a couple of things before seating ourselves in the Lemon Grove food court to enjoy them. We had one of ‘The Works’ as I was captured by the variety of curry dahl, cucumber, chicken satay skewers, coconut rice, roti and choice of curry (beef rendang for us). I had several gripes about this box unfortunately which included everything being at roughly room temperature and nothing being piping hot. The other gripes were about the chicken satay skewers being noticeably shorter in the meat department than previous and why was the sauce such a creamier, paler shade now?

However all was redeemed with the char kway teo with chicken. It was steaming hot, fragrant of garlic, fried shallots and chilli and had nicely separated flat rice noodles as well as Hokkien egg noodles.

I have a big weakness for markets, be it for stalls of food or little knick-knacks. I may not necessarily buy anything but I am always curious to have a look. My husband is a sucker for stalls that sell corn on a stick. Are you a fan of markets? And is there a type of stand you can never walk past without taking a peek?

Chatswood (Willoughby Council) Melody Market
Eastern end of Victoria Ave Mall, Chatswood NSW
Opening Hours:  every Thurs  10am-9pm

happy eating!


  1. Ah, goleme Thursdays...good times. Looks like you had a good meal!

  2. Oh yum. I heart the mojo picon stall.

  3. I could eat gozleme all day!

  4. Oh my, I have already just eaten, but getting very hungry again. What a line up of food. Amazing. Those gozleme (new to me!), look so moreish!

  5. I have a few gozleme places near me but unfortunately they are all very very close to places that I love to eat at and thus can't resist, so I haven't tried gozleme yet. You may have just convinced me to rectify this.

    I love markets! I find it difficult to walk past any jam/preserve stalls without trying their wares :)

  6. Ooh yum! I love gozleme too-with extra lemon juice. I wish I could find a place that made them apart from at a market. It would be a nice, quick dinner :)

  7. The gozleme at the Glebe markets are pretty good too.. :)

  8. I love markets- I can stroll around for ages, even without eating! I've never been to the Chatswood markat but am so so tempted to go after reading this. Such a shame it's only open on Thursdays! *sigh*

    I've never had gozleme before but it looks delicious! Will definitely try it when I go!

  9. I love the markets. Every Friday I go to the Rocks Market. Its around the corner from where I work. I overdosed on the Gozleme there ehehehe.

  10. I love the markets too - I can't go past one with food & fashion!

  11. You are officially responsible for us ordering takeaway tonight. So you owe me $28.

  12. I love MARKETS. In a few weeks, we head to Barbados on holiday and I've spent all evening looking at markets to visit and when.........

  13. I love markets, and grocery stores, and food stalls and anywhere that sells food really. My poor husband gets dragged around them a lot. :p

  14. Hey tangerine eats, love food esp finger food at markets!

    Hey JT, oh the Mojo Picon stall! The smells, the tastes, the sizzling...

    Hey Fiona, gozleme with a good squirt of lemon juice =)

    Hey Julia, gozleme are excellent stuff! Like a bready crepe version of spanakopita and with more cheese.

    Hey Conor, try when you get a chance esp if it's a place that makes them fresh! Country markets for jams are the best =)

    Hey Lorraine, fresh gozleme with lemon juice - mmmm! I've seen places that have pre-made ones that get reheated but they're nowhere as good as freshly made ones at markets.

    Hey Lis, don't make it out to Glebe much but I have heard the markets are good =)

    Hey Von, the somewhat temporary nature of markets always makes me want to buy stuff coz you're never certain the same stands will be there next time around!

    Hey Kath, the Rocks Market is wonderful! Haven't been there in ages but I love that stand with the his & hers pillow cases =p

    Hey missklicious, I can tell you like markets from your posts! =D

    Hey Anna, haha, sure! Just add it to the tab.

    Hey Kitchen Butterfly, Barbados?! Can't wait to see pics of food and sights =) Have an excellent time!

    Hey Agnes, yes...I have the same enjoyment of food shopping =p Don't think my husband minds too much - it's probably better than clothes shopping!


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