Sugar Hit: Radisson Suites, 19 Oct 2010

This is the Sugar Hit venue which resulted in a mix-up of locations that led us to the Intercontinental for Sugar Hit instead. So, take two, and we find ourselves in the right place for ‘Chocolate affair: Chocolate truffle delight accompanied with white chocolate panna cotta laced with mixed berries’.

Monsieur Poisson and I decide to share just the one serve between the two of us when we see how big the Sugar Hit is when being brought out to neighbouring tables. Essentially two desserts sharing the space of one plate, this Sugar Hit is paired with Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa – a delightfully pink and girly drop with light berry flavours and a hint of fizz.

The toffee shard is a little difficult to eat but I do have fun bashing it with the spoon to try and crack it into smaller pieces. Nothing like a bit of brutal violence on a weeknight! The ‘chocolate truffle’ is adequately chocolaty without being overly sweet, nor overly creamy, and is thicker in texture than a mousse but softer than ice-cream. The panna cotta unfortunately is not my cup of tea for multiple reasons – it is too firm and bouncy, its texture is a little grainy and it has a distinct flavour and aroma which takes us a while to identify… It is of rosewater! The panna cotta actually tastes so much of rosewater that there is hardly any of that milky sugary flavour for which white chocolate is. And for something as noticeable as rosewater, I’m surprised that this element of the dessert doesn’t receive headline billing of its own.

72 Liverpool St (near cnr of Sussex St), Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 8268 8888

happy eating!


  1. Oh my gosh. Another sugar hit. Seriously, I cannot believe how hard you have gone- I am so jealous- even if the panna cotta was a but sucky!! You'll have to give a round up of your favourite.

  2. Oh! I'd love to have my spoon in the panna cotta...they both look yummie! Great picture!

  3. heh bouncey! man hows your sugar levels this month!

  4. it's amazing how many sugar hits you've had! what's been your fav so far? I'm guessing though this one wasn't the fav

  5. A sad looking panna cotta that! :-)

  6. I always love how those toffee shards look, but always leave them after a bite or two when my teeth protest! Bits just get stuck in there and refuse to budge. Stupid teeth.

  7. You are tanking through these sugar hits! Keep it up hee hee

  8. looks delicious sadly i havnt gone to any.. ><

  9. You should try and do the rest of the Sugar Hits before the end of the month =P

    This one looks nice.

  10. I think the reason why I didn't get around to do ANY sugar hits all month is that I was vicariously sugar hitting through you and Monsieur Poisson!!

  11. Hey Gastronomy Gal, October each year is a dangerous month for me =p

    Hey Juliana, I'm sorry to say I wish the panna cotta was better =(

    Hey chocolatesuze, believe I may have self-induced diabetes after this month...

    Hey Thang, we did ten in total and the highlights would have to be Intercontinental, Sheraton and Number One Wine Bar.

    Hey Joey, I don't like panna cottas much to start with and this definitely wasn't encouragement.

    Hey Conor, I'm always impressed by toffee and their glassiness too but can never eat that much!

    Hey FFichiban, did another two after this!

    Hey Sara, definite sugar overload, hehe!

    Hey Dolly, still tomorrow night if you're keen!

    Hey missklicious, now that would be a challenge!

    Hey Susan, sadly half of it looked better than it tasted =(

    Hey Gianna, would you like to vicariously experience the calories involved as well? =p

  12. This looks so gorgeous. Shame about the pannacotta. I don't mind a small amount of rosewater, but hate it when it crosses over to soap territory.

  13. Hey Agnes, I don't mind a bit of rosewater to provide fragrance either but this tasted like I was eating handcream!


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