Sugar Hit 2011: Azuma Kushiyaki

This is Azuma Kushiyaki’s third year participating in Crave Sydney International Food Festival’s Sugar Hits with its offering named ‘East meets West Dessert Tasting Plate’ as in years past. With no description other than that, it is one of several locations taking the mysterious angle with the dessert they are serving up. However if you’ve tried their Sugar Hits previously, then you will recognise the signature stacked bento presentation.

The ‘Anmitsu’ can be found in the bottom bento as a tumble of diced fruits, tapioca pearls, mashed azuki (red beans) and chewy Shiratama rice dumplings coated in kinako (roasted soy bean) powder. Alongside is the flavour-complementing nutty white sesame ice-cream.

The cloudy sample of sake in the top bento is easy to drink while the skewered cubes of ‘Sake Sponge Bites’ seem to have no discernible sake flavour at all. The green tea tiramisu is a hit with most of us, except I find it a little too creamy for my liking. The handmade chocolate is a whole lot of textural fun with its layers of dark and milk chocolate praline with caramel ganache, but it’s the hidden pop rocks which bring a child-like grin to our faces as they keep popping even after the last of the chocolate has been eaten.

We had dinner here prior to ordering their Sugar Hit, but please be aware that if you are going to Azuma Kushiyaki for their Sugar Hit alone that there is a minimum spend of $15 per person. There are only a couple of evenings remaining before Sugar Hits end for another year, so get moving!

Ground floor of Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney NSW
Tel: (02) 9267 7775

happy eating!


  1. I quite liked Azuma's sugar hit this year - the pop rocks were fun!

  2. Wow that's a really interesting looking dessert!

  3. Bummed that I didn't get a chance to go. It looks so good...

  4. So.... How many Sugar Hits did you do this year?

  5. That is very curious! Very cool though :)

  6. Sugar hit!!! I love reading about them :) Is Azuma Kushiyaki very popular this year or do I just happen to read all the blogs about it?? lol....It looks so good though! especially the tiramisu!

  7. I LOVE Azuma beans...and ooooh, Azuma Kushiyaki is indeed very popular these days too...:D

  8. Hey missklicious, pop rocks always provide a bit of fun, especially when unexpected!

    Hey Fiona, lots of little components so you feel you're getting more than you are =D

    Hey Tina, need to get in early next year!

    Hey Phuoc, only 5 this year - told you we were taking it easy!

    Hey Cassandra, well it's definitely different from the Sugar Hits at other venues.

    Hey Von, Azuma seems to be popular each year that they've offered Sugar Hit, come to think of it!

    Hey Christy, great place nibble on skewered food and have a chat with friends!

  9. The Azuma sugar hits always seem excellent value. The chocolate looks so colourful.


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