The Tea Cosy, Irish Tea Room

After a rather filling breakfast, which was actually consumed at a normal breakfast hour (unusual for me), Monsieur Poisson and I ambled through the city admiring the stores and skipped lunch before heading down to The Rocks to meet Weirdo and Ms Sourdough for afternoon tea.

Specifically, for an afternoon tea of scones.

A clock at the entrance to The Irish Design Shop beckons us in through to The Tea Cosy (formerly known as Tara Tea Room) with the promise of freshly-baked scones – it helps to arrive on the hour – and we find ourselves tucked into a quaint indoor seating area decorated by tea paraphernalia with tea-themed ornaments for sale (such as rings) and a seriously cute in-wall miniature kitchen!

Between the four of us we’ve got a serve of each of the day’s scone varieties covered – plain, currant, spinach and fetta – with flavours changing all the time. Being a warm day, we order jugs of refreshing iced lemon tea to share which are served in Guinness glasses. But it’s the scones which win us over with their thinly-crusted tops, fluffy innards and generous pots of raspberry jam and clotted cream. The spinach and fetta scones come with butter on the side but, interestingly, jam also. It feels such a waste but there is plenty of jam and cream left over afterwards.

So, on your next trip to The Rocks be it for the weekend markets or otherwise, take a breather with scones and tea at The Tea Cosy – they’ve got fresh scones coming out of the oven all day!

33 George St, The Rocks NSW
Tel: (02) 9247 3233

Opening Hours:  Fri-Sun  10am-5pm

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happy eating!


  1. I've never really experienced high tea! definitely have to go sometime. Thanks for recommending this place :)

  2. you cannot go past a delicious, freshly made scone & tea! one of my favourites...esp if there is an earl grey on offer!

  3. I love the scones here and I love how they tell you the time when they come out of the oven. The tea cosies are cute! Makes you feel like you're at a granny's place.

    That's so odd that the spinach scone came with jam..

  4. Aw this place looks totally cosy indeed! From the signage to the tea huggers!

  5. The mini kitchen is so cute!! The scones sound incredible- but I guess they'd have to be since they're named the best scones in Sydney! I've only ever been to the Rocks once (and that was only walking past it!) *sigh*

  6. For a second there I thought you'd been drinking Guinness with your very plump scones. Now that would be a new way to have a cream tea!

  7. well as you know Mac's family is Irish so I giggled at the Guiness glasses, very cute for iced tea. Now I love the fact that there is too much cream and jam, rather not to be left wanting :)

  8. We walked past this cafe and ventured into the store but were too full to sit down for some scones. This place looks SO cute!

  9. Yum, I love a good scone and cup of tea, so I'll be on the lookout for this place next time I'm visiting the Rocks markets.

  10. Looks perfect for a Sunday afternoon tea after a stroll around The Rocks.

  11. before i started reading this post, i thought they were serving guinness with the scones! glad to hear there's iced tea on offer because i love the scones here and it's a little warm at the moment for a cup of tea

  12. Hey Tina, this isn't high tea as such, but it's definitely an enjoyable afternoon tea!

    Hey gbf, I know, the simplicity of freshly made scones!

    Hey Phuoc, friend and I described the place as "quaint".

    Hey Adrian, the cutest tea cosies!

    Hey Von, I wanted to play in the mini kitchen =p

    Hey John, haha, a new sort of cream tea with dark ale?

    Hey Sara, I assure you there was plenty of jam and cream - unlike other places which may only give you a measly amount of each!

    Hey MissPiggy, you gotta go back to try the scones, I tell you!

    Hey Bel, it's cute and comforting and seriously quaint!

    Hey Hotly Spiced, a good chance to rest the feet after walking around =)

    Hey panda, although I do love a pot of hot tea, that day's weather was just too warm for it so ice tea it is!

  13. *sigh* I always say I'll stop by but whenever I'm at The Rocks markets I always forget :( now it's probably a bit too warm for hot tea & scones

  14. Hey Vivian, easily solved - order the iced tea like me!

  15. This place is SO cute! My boyfriend is coming home in December so I'm on the look out for things to do and I defintiely think a visit here is on the cards - seeing as I highly doubt he's ever had a scone in his life!

  16. Hey Kristy, it might be a little hot by then but get a cold drink with the scones and you'll be right!


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